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Terms for the Educational Discount

This discount entitles you to purchase for the duration of your school enrollment or the duration of your educational profession at 10% off the stated price on,, and Purchases must be made with an accurate k-12, college, or university email account if applicable and a K-12, community college, college, or university name. Homeschooled students k-12 are also permitted to use the discount code. When you type your child's school name, type "homeschooled" and their grade level.

Verification of educational status may be requested by LandingZone and should be made available around the time of order. All other students, teachers or third-party purchasers must state the school where the receiver attends or teaches and include the associated student or teacher’s professional email. We cannot offer discounts to alumni or inactive school email accounts. A student or teacher email can be used on either the billing or shipping address, but MUST be accurate and accessible. This email account must be accurate and accessible or LandingZone Customer Service cannot communicate with you to confirm order information, or the receiver to confirm shipping information or manage returns if necessary.

Any abnormal use of this code is subject to scrutiny and may result in a rejection of your order. Abnormal use includes but is not restricted to unoriginal account information or using a third-party email for ordering purposes, repeated orders from or for the same student or teacher in high volume. For teachers or schools who need high volume orders, please contact Larger discounts are available for institutions. All billing and payment statements must be accurate and complete. InfiniWing, inc or LandingZone retains the right to cancel this entitlement at anytime for any reason before payment is collected.

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